MISSION: To learn everything about wine,
and share it with as many like-minded people as possible.

(Hint: it’s not because they have too much time on their hands,
or that they need an excuse to drink)

Q. Why would two working mums with small children and
no experience in the wine industry start a blog about wine?

Find out why

Goon bag /gunbæg/ n. Colloq. 1. Australian slang for cheap, boxed wine. “We’ve got $20 between us, let’s get a six-pack and a goon bag and we’ll be set for the night.” 2. Term of endearment for a hilarious Aussie MILF drinking wine. “Whatchya drinkin tonight, ya Goon Bag?”

Goonies /gunis/ n. Colloq. A community of low-brow mofos who love wine and congregate here to learn and share what to drink, and how and where to drink it. “Let’s see if the Goonies know a good place we can take the kids to play while we drink wine this weekend.”

From the bottle to the blog