Mission: To learn everything about wine, and share it with as many like-minded people as possible.


  • Why would two working mums with small children and no experience in the wine industry start a blog about wine?
    (Hint: it’s not because they have too much time on their hands, or that they need an excuse to drink)


  •  Wine makes everything better.
  • Learning about wine makes wine better.
  • Talking to people and writing about wine makes learning about wine better which makes EVERYTHING better.

Makes sense right?

First working together and then having kids at the same time, Bron and Hannah spent many an evening indulging their mutual passion for wine. Then one day, Hannah (who side-gigs it as a writer) needed help to come up with a topic for an article she was pitching to a wine blog. You see, she didn’t really know anything about wine, but thought it would be fun to write about.

Bron was there in her hour of need, coming through with great idea after great idea, but also an ominous warning:

“You better get this job Hannah, so I can live my best life vicariously through you.”

Hannah did not get the job.

She did, however, suggest to Bron that they start their own blog and BOOM!

Goon Bags was born.


Several qualifications, none remotely related to wine. Consciously coupled with Ned Kelly and mother to Goose and Puffin. Enjoys drinking wine, tasting wine, thinking about wine, drinking wine. Travelling, especially when it involves wine. Very, very slow long distance runner. Ongoing love affair with books.


Health system reform by day, copywriter by night. Sleeps never. Raising two mini hell-raisers (aka Bug and the Big Dog) with Bubble Boy. Writes about wine, feminism and other people’s business (es) despite knowing very little about them. Just wants to dance.